'Responder's First' - Search, Rescue, and Recovery - Disaster Operations Aid

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Disaster Response on-site incident commander in action
Disaster Response on-site incident commander in action

Donor Gifting

Donor Gifting

To help reduce suffering and loss of life. Ascent raises funds to equip search, rescue, and recovery operations adequately, were lacking. Mostly for citizen volunteers who are working to help family, friends, and or the community at large. Sometimes, all three.

With initiatives past, Ascent has delivered hundreds of thousands of its high-tech safety whistles for SAR and broader safety uses. Proven over years of collaborations, this item is a great place to start this awareness and donor drive today.

Please consider a small donation (and grab one for yourself and family.) The goal is clear, penetrating, and omnidirectional. To enhance first-responder inter-communications. To be heard above wind & weather, at great distances, and while searching the depths of ruins and rubble.

Working Together
For Safety's Sake

Hear me ~ Locate me ~ Find me!

Omni-directional, high pitch - penetrating sound

Your gift of safety

Be Aware ~ Get Prepared

HIGH TECH - State of the Art

Human Powered - hand held, 'pea-less' whistles.

No moving parts, nothing to fail.

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Donor Gifting - One x 3 at a time

In a crisis, carrying a reliable high-pitch whistle to sound your location or alert others can make all the difference. For example, to be prepared for unexpectant separation from family in a natural disaster!

'Donor-Gift' a preferred emergency sound signalling device for coordinated SEARCH, RESCUE, AND RECOVERY disaster response operations.

Small-dollar donations. Paying it forward one x 3 at a time.

Pro-tip . . .

attach to the family's keys, backpacks, life-vests, parkas, wherever


Preparation is the best first defense!

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