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Catastrophic Disasters, including armed conflicts.

Life-altering events that overwhelm and devastate communities worldwide, with little to no warning.


When rapid-onset disasters strike, pressed into action are the scores of citizen volunteers to join the search. Usually ill-prepared.


This SAR equipment donations drive aims to deliver critical AID to local response operations where needed most. For citizen safety and overall SAR effectiveness. To enhance peer-to-peer (battery-free) SAR communications, when the power is out and lives are in the breach.


We must already be ready, to deliver upon notice to those communities in need.



We are all responders-first . . .

“I say we must act decisively, and we must act now, to put our defenses in order.

If we do not, history will cast its verdict... with those terrible, chilling words, too late.” 

Winston Churchill, Circa 1939, London - 'The Gathering Storm'

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Disaster Management

The Integrated Emergency Management System (IEMS) refers to disasters as emergencies out of control. Regardless if climate change induced, spawned by nature, or human-made.

Usually requiring a level of response and recovery that is far greater than local communities can provide on their own.

There are four main emergency disaster management phases.

1.) Mitigation/Prevention;

2.) Preparedness;

3.) Critical Response/Search, Rescue, & Recovery

4.) Rehabilitation.

Our focus is on numbers 2 & 3 above. Through the rapid-onset, evacuation - search, rescue, and recovery phases.

Crucial AID for the effectiveness and safety of search, rescue, and recovery efforts locally, worldwide.

"We have waged war on nature, and nature is striking back,

and striking back in a devastating way"

(António Guterres, the UN secretary general. September 2022, Pakistan.)

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Responder's First

Whatever contributions we can muster may indeed be small, but impactful. Whether climate-induced, spawned by nature, or human-made, having the right equipment to send at the right time is the aim.

Donor funding allows us to prepare in advance for when others have not. To source and pay to equip those citizens pressed into action as first responders relativley ill-prepared.

Donations allow us to respond to a given need with select gear for that catastrophic event. Every dollar raised or saved matters in the outcome.

We are all responders first . . .

Working Together
For Safety's Sake

Ascent is our 30+ year veteran provisioner in the emergency response space. With a notable history in community-service-outreach. Our testimonials tell more.

Clear and reliable inter-team communications is the first step for SAR operations to be the most effective. For citizens and professional responders alike, as events dictate.

Please donate!

Natural Disaster Heat Wave globe map - global warming - World view globe depicting heat wave, heat dome, severe weather patterns across the world.

Critical Aid Deployment

Operationally, we seek dedicated emergency coordinators and collaborators to disperse our aid locally. As close to the event as possible. To emergency incident managers stationed there - fire, police, search & rescue . . . and so forth.

Why is supporting Responders First volunteers such a big deal? It is because amongst the rubble in a major disaster zone, search, rescue, and recovery operations cannot do without them. And they need our help to be safe, secure and more effective in often, unbelievably hazardous conditions.

Supporting the Responder's First volunteer aligns with FEMA's "whole community" approach.


We are all first-responders . . .

Working Together
For Safety's Sake

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'Climate Disasters' are catastrophic weather events attributed to Global Warming. They are climate change induced.

'Natural Disasters' (earthquakes, volcanos, etc.,) are not climate-induced, but geophysical phenomena.

War and other such atrocites are just that.

We'll contribute where we can. Where it's prudent. When and where needed!

This is your invitation to connect with us. To comment, to suggest, to contribute, to submit a blog perhaps.

Every sign-up, share, and back-link helps.

Be aware - Get prepared!


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