Responder's First Project - Search, Rescue, and Recovery - Humanitarian Disaster AID

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Tackling the Human Toll of Catastrophic Disasters, worldwide.

Bright orange and white, search and rescue vehicle.
Bright orange and white, search and rescue vehicle.

'The first 72 (hours) are on you' is a common mantra for those aware—that citizens under siege should be prepared to be self-reliant early on.

This is an issue for world citizens to band together to help communities under siege. To assist local emergency services in operating as safely and effectively as humanly possible. To reduce suffering and loss of life as best they can with what human resources and equipment they have on hand or come to have. To volunteer.

The ‘Responder’s First’ initiative is our answer to provide support for on-call and ad-hoc citizen volunteer networks. It is part of the answer.

Selfless, courageous, resilient, and spontaneous are descriptors we use for local community volunteers who sign up to help tackle the human toll of widespread catastrophic disasters in their communities. Fellow citizens who give of themselves to backup emergency disaster response operations when overwhelmed and in need of help.

This post is all about supporting them. 

These are disasters, after all. Where emergency response operations have far less to work with over much wider areas. When early on, first responders can be overwhelmed by the magnitude and severity of Mother Nature's wrath. 

This is when, because of the sheer magnitude of the event and the volume of calls, overwhelmed front-line service providers can use help to effect rescues, deliver medicines, staff triage, and so forth.

Donor Gifting - One 3 Pack at a time - Donate One, or more

In a crisis, wherever that may be. Carrying a reliable high-pitch whistle to sound your location or alert others can be crucial.

To be prepared for the unexpected. For example, separation from family.

This is where donor-gifting of our reliable whistles comes into play. For there are many emergency scenarios to consider.

Small-dollar donations. Paying it forward a few dollars at a time.

hi-tech emergency safety whistles pictured with prominent safety organizations logos embossed on them.
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