'When we are all first responders' . . . a local "whole community" approach.

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Quarry Rock lookout hike - Deep Cove, BC

About Us

Founder's story

Alan Martlin, spent his first years out of University living in Aspen, Colorado USA . . . then Whistler, British Columbia CANADA. Recreating, of course, while developing his sports-marketing chops along the way. His nickname, 'Powder Al', came as a nod to both :-)

Living life in the mountains. Alan soon founded his sports-marketing company, Northern Ascent. The recreational outdoor industry its focus. Freelancing in part as an Accounts Executive for the Canadian market. With publications within the Alpine Skiing and Boardsailing (windsurfing) industries. Powder, Sailboarder, and Windsport magazines respectively.

Sports marketing led to Alan's sports-travel and marketing business, Ascent Worldwide Inc. Beginning, in a big way, with the '88 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary. From that seed, so began a certain familiarity, a gratifying working association within the Olympic movement spanning multiple Games. Our 'Testimonials' tell more . . .

Today, Ascent is driven by the same passion for the outdoors, in our work as cause marketers and bespoke provisioners. Personal safety awareness and preparedness are hallmarks of that core strategy.

Circa 1988 - Powder Al - Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, BC.
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'This is Ascent'

Cause marketing, safety-educational initiatives, fundraising, volunteering, as well as provisions outfitting, shape Ascent today. Throughout North America, the U.S. Territories, and as called upon, farther off and away. All climate change is local!

In doing so, we've leveraged our specialties in playing well with others. With a history of collaborating with the like-minded to deliver safety awareness and preparedness. True in its calling, for which we are grateful. Check out our testimonials.

Fulfilling and impactful. For us, our collaborators, and the communities served.

Li'l Leo and his mom. Mom holding child in arms. Both smelling dandelion flowers.

'Special Educational'

Ascent’s special-educational and fundraising support initiatives have had the most community impact. Personal safety preparedness and security at the core. The bespoke safety equipment supplied by us was and is, central to supporting that role.

Bringing us to today. Where ever-increasing consequences of global warming threaten our collective safety and security. Not entirely a new set of circumstances for us as a purveyor of bespoke safety gear. Be aware of your surroundings - get prepared!

Heightened natural disasters due to environmental changes make little to no difference in this simple rule.

Tackling the human toll of natural disasters. The stark realities of climate change. Tomorrow's challenges, today!


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