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Incoming severe weather storms over harbour city.

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Responder’s First Initiative

needs your help!


Together, from a world away, your small donation helps tackle catastrophic disasters across the globe, reducing suffering and loss of life. Contributions to the Responder’s First Initiative allow us to provide targeted, life-altering, life-preserving aid to devastated communities worldwide.


At its core,

this is about community, and the legions of locals abruptly pressed to action as citizen responders to assist their local search and rescue where they can. It is about offsetting the systemic critical shortfalls of personal protection (PPE) and operational equipment needed for those ad hoc local responders to be safe, secure, and, significantly, more effective in often unbelievably hazardous conditions.


Here's the thing . . .

It is also, most importantly, about us being ready to respond before the fact. It is about pre-sourcing and making ready select emergency gear for targeted deployment upon notice; it is about coordinating its timely delivery with disaster operations as events dictate, to wherever that need may be.


When there is local budgeting for sudden-onset disasters, it is mostly not enough. This makes your contribution invaluable on many levels. Gifting $10-15 helps—whatever is manageable. Cash donations, backlinking, and sharing on social media are all valuable ways to support this global outreach.


Initiatives like Responder’s First need financial help to work.

Please spread the word . . . and donate!



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Key West. Hurricane force wind making landfall with black 4 wheel drive prickup truck driving along flooded windswept road.  With orange safety cone in the back.

It takes a village . . .

The Responder’s First Initiative is 100% donor-driven.

With decades-long experience in emergency provisioning, marketing, and collaboration with emergency response, not-for-profit, and higher education communities, Ascent’s combined skill set is foundational to this initiative. We have collaborated with some of the most preeminent
Emergency Response, International Humanitarian Aid organizations, and Educational Institutions out there. We have joined their cause!

To learn more. visit 'our journey' page.

We are all first reponders, 'Working Together For Safety's Sake.'

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Ascent is a 30 year SAR provisioner and cause-marketer.

Over many field trips, committees, and conferences. We have established life-preserving collaborative relationships with national, state/provincial and community organizations. Some, the most prominent in the world. The cornerstones of Ascent's 'Special Ed' safety initiatives.

Our community outreach activities directly corelate to our success as an emergency equipment provisioner and marketer for a cause.

Look to our testimonials section to bring this into focus.

Community Collaboration

We are grateful to have collaborated with community resource specialists and look forward to coming together with more. Without them, we could not deliver on our promise or its potential. By job and or vocation, these are mission-dedicated women and men driven to help those in need.

Of course our thoughts stray to those collaborators that came before:

To Sue in Sarnia; John, Tony & Richard in Washington, DC; Julie & Dave in Annapolis; John in Barrie; Goose in London; Glyn in Melbourne; Cindy in Vancouver; Shelly, Paul, Alan & Richard in Tallahassee; Caroline in Ottawa; Mary, Susan, & Gordon in Toronto; Brian & Barry in Victoria; Sandy in Oberlin; Monique in New Westminster; and so on . . .

When paddling upstream, it is best to pull together!


We are marshalling small-dollar gifting for select emergency equipment deployment into regions affected. This is 'Donor Gifting.'

Pay It Forward

Choosing to give through our 'Global Fund' takes a bit broader approach. Flexible enough to move in time with what's surely coming next!

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Global Aid


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