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Storm serge widespread flooding - 2020 - two men pushing small car on city street through waist deep catestrophic water serge.
Storm serge widespread flooding - 2020 - two men pushing small car on city street through waist deep catestrophic water serge.

Hear me ~ Locate me ~ Find me!

The 'Classic' Whistle ~ loud, penetrating, & omnidirectional

"Is it loud? You bet," reported USCG Rescue & Survival Systems Manager, CW Todd, in the U.S. Coast Guard's Spring '95 On Scene Magazine. "This whistle will produce 115 decibels of unusually omnidirectional sound."

U.S.A. Nat'l Stock (NSN/NATO) #8465-21-912-7031-95241


Omnidirectional, High Pitch 'Pea-less' Whistles

used by SAR professionals and outdoor survivalists wherever one needs to be heard!

For sport & safety . . . since 1989

Patented in 1987, the Fox40 Whistle was first brought to market soon after.

The Fox 40 ‘Classic’ is the safety whistle of choice for hearing, locating, and recovering persons in distress. Once again, we are aggressively promoting it for that use here. In, on, and off the water.

For rescuers to be heard amongst themselves and survivors alike. Through wind and weather. Between rescuers, amongst ruins and rubble. At a great distance. Just ask any outdoor survival and professional why Fox 40. ‘Working Together - For Safety’s Sake.’ Proven . . . beginning in 1989 - some 30-plus years now.

You have likely heard its high-pitch sound many times locally and internationally, on TV from the fields and courts of sports . . . ‘For officiating’ (see the sports list below)

Although designed for professional sports, Ascent came along to help market it with ideas to expand on safety. Soon after, the ‘Classic’ became preeminent for use as an emergency sound signalling device . . . ‘For Safety’s
Sake’ (see the safety list below)

For Sports:

Professional sports formally adopted the Fox 40 classic whistle on fields of play in the late 80s. Namely, the National Basketball Association (NBA,) Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA,) International Basketball Federation (FIBA,) National Football League (NFL,) Canadian Football League (CFL,) National College Athletic Association (NCAA,) International Jet Sports Association (IJSBA,) Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART,) International Olympic Association (IOC,) and so forth.

For Safety:

Namely, the US Coast Guard (USCG,) Canadian Coast Guard (CCG,) Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI,) US Navy - Naval Aviation (Nav-Air,) National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA,) American Red
Cross, Canadian Red Cross, College Stores Research & Educational Foundation
(CSREF,) Lifesaving Society, and so forth . . .

There's more . . .

IJSBA - Finish line boat race marshal standing alone on race platform. Shown holding lap sign while pointing at racers and blowing whistle.

Waterproof - tuned chambers

Straight from the engineer who designed them. These high-tech whistles have harmonically tuned sound chambers. Producing different frequencies that interact with one another. Think musical instrument.The 'Classic' with 3 chambers.

These are audible signals or cues. Going in and out of phase with one another outside the whistle. Causing a complex high-pitch "beat" or "trill".

There are no moving parts. No cork ball or plastic pea. Allowing its sound-producing chambers to instantly clear when blown, of saliva and water. No blockage, nothing to impede the sound nor to fail.

A look inside a 3-chamber 'pea-less' whistle. Shows no moving parts, nothing to fail.

Omni-directional, high pitch - penetrating sound

High pitch, penetrating, and omnidirectional. The 'Classics' auditory cues for humans to hear and locate could not be more important in a search and rescue or other emergency. Particularly, when the direction of search parties and other help is unknown.

The ‘Classic’ whistle is trusted by professionals worldwide, for its ability to be heard above wind and weather, from far-off locations, and the depths of ruins and rubble.

‘Working Together - For Safety’s Sake.’

Water soaked pea-less 'Classic' & 'Mini' whistles in outdoors creek side setting. Wet or Dry - waterproof.

Pro-tip . . .

attach to the family's keys, backpacks, life-vests, parkas, wherever.


hi-tech emergency safety whistles pictured with prominent safety organizations logos embossed on them.

Omni-directional, high pitch - penetrating sound

A gift of safety.

Be aware ~ Get prepared!

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