'When we are all first responders' . . . a local "whole community" approach.

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Ascent Provisions logo
Ascent Provisions logo

'Our Journey'

Provisioners and Cause Marketers

A 'bespoke' provisioner - a proud 30-year veteran in the emergency preparedness space. We save lives for a living.

Fundamental to that mission, we listen, we learn, and we evolve!

From a purveyor of quality personal safety equipment with a desire to contribute more. More than just a vendor of the very best equipment. 

It was 1990 when our brand of cause marketing became central to our business. For Safety's Sake!

Wherein the singular notion to contribute more first spawned our 'Special Educational' initiatives. With our brand of philanthropic giving mixed in for good measure. With outreach initiatives, that supported a cadre of organizational safety and enforcement services. Our testimonials tell more . . .

Fast forward to today - to the challenges of 'global warming.' Wherein lives are under real threat. And wherein we possess the same heightened views and skill-set to make a difference - to get the job done. 

Ascent logo - all white with transparent background.

Moving with the times . . .

Well practiced in the preparedness 'Special Educational' space. In recent times, we shifted to our long-held frame of reference to best leverage our skills today, in ever-evolving, threatening times. In the ever needy Climate and Natural Disaster Relief space. Worldwide!

To fundraise. So as to contribute aid, comfort, and 'bespoke' safety equipment as the need grows. Where NGOs and BIG governments can, indeed, be mired in bureaucratic hurdles to get it out soon enough. Leaving room for us to help fill the breach, as it were. If only temporarily so . . .

By circumventing, where possible, inherent red tape on a here-and-right-now basis. To put into practice, a 'quick fix' here and there. Where survivors and citizen responders, dealing with what's coming over the curb, need help then - right then . . . with little to no time to wait. 

'Working Together For Safety's Sake.'

For Safety's Sake initiative logo

Working Together . . .

In 1991, Ascent registered the trademarks, 'For Safety's Sake' and, 'Working Together For Safety's Sake'. Marking both the existence and intent of our 'Special Educational' initiatives. Involving at times, multiple institutional collaborators.

Sounds cliché, but marketing with a cause, beyond one’s own self-interest, sure is meaningful. It drives us all to do better. Look to our 'Testimonies' for more.

Shows community volunteers reaching out to clasp hands. Working together.

HIGH TECH - State of the Art

'Classic', 'Mini', and 'Pearl' pea-less whistles

Omni-directional, high pitch - penetrating sound

Your gift of safety.

Be Aware ~ Get Prepared!

hi-tech emergency safety whistles pictured with prominent safety organizations logos embossed on them.

Pro-tip . . .

attach to the family's keys, backpacks, life-vests, parkas, wherever

. . . because being prepared, is the best first defence.

Donor Gifting - One 3 Pack at a time - Donate One, or more

In a crisis, wherever that may be. Carrying a reliable high-pitch whistle to sound your location or alert others can be crucial.

To be prepared for the unexpected. For example, separation from family.

This is where donor-gifting of our reliable whistles comes into play. For there are many emergency scenarios to consider.

Small-dollar donations. Paying it forward a few dollars at a time.

Unprepared women fleeing wildfire.
Ascent Provisions logo


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