'When we are all first responders' . . . a local "whole community" approach.

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'Climate and Natural Disaster Relief'

Raising awareness and dollars, for front-line emergency response operations—overwhelmed

by nature's force and in need of help themselves.

Funding volunteers' and equipment for a "whole community" response.

During the search, rescue, and critical response phase of disaster response operations.


As emergency first-resources reach capacity.

Early on, when 'big government' and other aid are days away.

A chronic problem worldwide!

"We have waged war on nature, and nature is striking back,

and striking back in a devastating way"

(António Guterres, the UN secretary general. September 2022, Pakistan.)

Search & Rescue helicopter hovering overhead

Disaster Relief Management

The integrated emergency management system refers to disasters as emergencies being out of control. Both climate and natural. Requiring a level of response and recovery greater than local communities can provide on their own. Much greater, actually!

From an organizational intervention perspective, there are four local emergency disaster management phases.

1.) Mitigation/prevention;

2.) Preparedness;

3.) Critical Response/search & rescue;

4.) Recovery/rehabilitation.

Our focus is on #3 above. Through the rapid-onset, evacuation - search, rescue, and critical response phases.

Not to construct or rehabilitate. The mitigation/prevention and recovery rehab phases we leave to others.

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Fundraising to deliver critical needs climate and natural disaster relief across the globe.

(1.) To those overwhelmed and in need from wholly predictable catastrophic life-threatening events. Yes, predictable! Although somewhat at the mercy of natural forces on precisely when and where they will hit.

(2.) During the most critical time. The rapid onset evacuation search, rescue, and response phase of operations. When there is no time to wait on 'non-resident' agencies. Like big government arriving to set up on the scene when having to first come from away.

We use the catchall term 'big government' to define the federal, state/provincial integrated emergency management agencies. To distinguish their response from that of the community and regional governments.


We aim to fill the gap. To deliver critical aid to the front-line volunteer during the rapid-onset phase of operations. Helping to cover out-of-pocket costs of willing and able citizen-volunteers, for instance, lending their critical support to the relief effort. Knowing, big government and others can take days to mobilize and come from away.

Critically needed relief funds put to work early through on-site emergency situation response services is the goal. Without having to wait on big bureaucracy to catch up!


Working Together
For Safety's Sake:

Ascent is a 30-year veteran in the emergency response space. With a notable community-outreach skill set, to get this done.

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“I say we must act decisively, and we must act now, to put our defenses in order.

If we do not, history will cast its verdict... with those terrible, chilling words, too late.” 

Winston Churchill, Circa 1939, London - 'The Gathering Storm'

Natural Disaster Heat Wave globe map - global warming - World view globe depicting heat wave, heat dome, severe weather patterns across the world.

Critical Aid Deployment

Filling the Gap:

It takes some time, critical time, or national, state/provincial, and international organizations to mobilize from distant rallying points. To precisely where a rapid-onset natural disaster, with often no set path, is (likely) to wreak havoc over a vast territory.

For this reason, in seeking dedicated collaborators to disperse our aid, we go local. To and through emergency incident managers stationed where the event unfolds. Fire, police, search & rescue . . . and so forth.

Select community-based women and men more acutely aware of their citizens' emerging critical needs. Eager to support their own efforts by dispensing our funds where and as needed the most.

Disaster management specialists, locally based, have a pulse on their agency's operational strengths and shortfalls. They know amongst other strategic variables when a life-threatening situation calls for additional labour, specifically skilled and otherwise, as well as specialized equipment. Among them, from citizen resources. Some of those from volunteer ranks. As described in our blog postings (below) and further along.

What the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) calls the "whole community" approach.

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To go deeper into the operational minutiae.

This link is for you . . .

Ascent's blog tells why . . . why this cause, now!

'Tackling the Human Toll of Severe Weather'


We are marshalling 'small-dollar giving' for select emergency equipment, supplies, and funds deployment to regions affected.


Rapid-onset disaster relief fundraising must always look ahead. Proactively, to be ready to meet the need as it arises. Urgently!


Roads into rivers ~ Lush forests into scorched earth ~ Homes into kindling.


Tackling the Human Toll of Global Warming!

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Global Funds

Choosing to give through our 'Global Funds' is a broad approach. Designed for one-time or recurring donations. Allowing for more administrative flexibility.

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'Climate Disasters' are catastrophic weather events attributed to Global Warming. They are climate change induced. 'Natural Disasters' (earthquakes, volcanos, etc.,) are not climate-induced, but geophysical phenomena. We show up for both.

All are on the rise. They will repeat. They need our collective attention to help preserve life.

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