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'Heat Dome, June/July 2021—Canada & USA'

Disaster Response series: 

'Heat Dome, June/July 2021—Canada & USA'

The first of two severe weather events over this vast region was a multi-day outdoor extreme heat anomaly in early summer, 2021, aptly called a "Heat-Dome." 

A record-shattering climate event that exceeded historic high temperatures, at 49.6°C or 121.28°F. Unrelenting searing heat, wherein 619 souls perished in British Columbia alone. Of course, wildfires thrive in high heat, with hundreds igniting across southern British Columbia over 8,700 square kilometres as a result.

One short year ago, the devastation was unimaginable. For example, the village of 250 souls along the banks of the mighty Fraser River, Lytton, BC, was levelled by heat-induced wildfires. No longer a distant headline. More like an "inescapable truth" to affected Canadians at large.

This is not to say that climate-induced wildfires have not been a growing problem in the North American West for decades now, as elsewhere. With crowdfunding to support local volunteers and disaster relief at the forefront.

Please consider a small DONATION to our disaster relief global fund. Every dollar helps!

At the time of this reporting:

By July 19, 2022, historic heat records shattered in a dozen countries on four continents. In the UK, reaching 40°C or, 104°F - which is 30°F above normal.


The 'Responder's First' initiative

The 'Responder's First' initiative grants select emergency and safety equipment to affected communities, as needed, worldwide. To fill inevitable shortfalls of safety and emergency equipment for citizen volunteers arriving ill-prepared at the front lines. Providing campaign funds are available to purchase and deliver the equipment when called upon. That is, as critical needs continue to dictate.

Operationally, we call upon community emergency services to manage who gets what and when regarding localized donor-funded resources. For example, fire, police, search & rescue, etc. Depending on the situation, whichever local agency or response team is best equipped to coordinate this for their community. These equipment donations may be relatively small but certainly impactful.


Fund-US - Disasters Aid to Citizen-Volunteers

We need help! Your support will make a world of difference in response to catastrophic disasters across the globe!

The cost of a pint or a glass of wine will help address the critical shortage of emergency equipment amongst citizen volunteers thrust into joining search, rescue, and recovery operations worldwide. This all-hands effort is to shore up their safety and effectiveness—while reducing suffering and loss of life. We are all first responders . . .

The smallest of giving adds up, and we cannot do the work without it. $10-15 per donation is good – less or more, whatever is manageable. Donations in kind, back-linking, etc. and sharing this along are all valuable ways to contribute.

To fund and deliver humanitarian equipment aid to the citizen-volunteer front line. The volume of equipment delivered worldwide is wholly dependent on the donations received. There is no shortage of need.

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Phone: 604-732-4042; 1-800-361-0473 (N America) 

For information about being prepared for extreme heat emergencies:

For crucial information about getting personally prepared for hazardous severe-weather emergencies:

Global Fund

Choosing to give through our 'Global Funds' take a bit broader approach. Flexible enough to move in time with what's surely coming next!

Donor Gifting

We are marshalling small-dollar giving for select emergency equipment deployment into regions affected. This is 'Donor Gifting.'

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