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Pea-less 'Pearl' safety whistle - 3 PACK

Loud, clear, & omnidirectional are all descriptors for the 2-chamber 90dB pea-less 'Pearl' Whistle, from Fox40. Remains the choice of a cadre of ‘whistleblowers’ worldwide for both safety & sports. 

The authentic, lower tone, easier to blow, 2-chamber 'Pearl' whistle arrived to market in 1995. Also developed under the Fox40 brand name (Fox, for Foxcroft - 40, for Forte.) for safety and sports. Designed for use by sports officials (referees) preferring a lower tone than its predecessors, the 'Classic' and 'Mini.' 

It has proven superior, with recreational sports and safety enthusiasts, as a premier, easier to blow, safety whistle. Since 1989, Ascent has marketed and sold the 'Classic,' the 'Mini,' and the 'Pearl' (1995) pea-less whistles.

Self-clearing multi-chamber flow-through signalling device designed to be heard, located, and not fail. Canadian made in ABS plastic.

'WET OR DRY,' multi-use!

SPECIFICATIONS: 90 dB penetrating - lower tone ~ pea less - no moving parts ~ omnidirectional output ~ wet or dry - waterproof 2 chambers.

RECOMMENDATIONS: for personal safety ~ for emergencies - search & rescue ~ for outdoors - hiking, climbing ~ for organized sports - refereeing, coaching ~ for animal training


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