'When we are all first responders' . . . a local "whole community" approach.

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Incoming severe weather storms over harbour city.

Disaster Relief

Raising awareness and dollars, for front-line disaster relief operations—overwhelmed

by the forces of nature and in need of help themselves.

Funding volunteers' and equipment for a "whole community" response.

During the search, rescue, and critical response phase of emergency operations.


As in-field first-responder resources reach capacity.

Early on, when 'big government' and other aid are days away.

A chronic problem worldwide!

One world climate action sign.

All 'Climate Action' is Local

Action! Climate action. Is for the betterment of our living planet. The human condition depends on it.

For us. Taking action. Climate and natural disaster relief action. Is also a global imperative. The human condition depends on it.

Beginning with raising critically needed natural disaster relief funds. For the 'live and let live' part of the climate action equation. In order that crucial aid reaches those overwhelmed by nature's fury. For and to those in dire need. Across geographic borders.

Our relief operations target the rapid onset, life-threatening, evacuation search, rescue, and response phase of disaster relief exercises. Wherever and to whomever that might be.

It was 2006 when former U.S. Vice President Al Gore coined the phrase "An Inconvenient Truth." Which, for many, started this conversation. We are grateful.

Cupped hands in the form of a heart with sunset in the middle. Donor giving fundraising sign. Night shot over city.

Global Outreach

To reach emergency services in communities affected, we must raise those funds in advance. To be set to act at first notice, as there is never time to spare amid such a crisis.

Raising awareness and relief funds for a cause in another's backyard can take time. Highlighting struggles for human survival yet experienced firsthand is a challenge for us all to meet.

For those taking in the world news. Severe weather and other natural events are rising to touch more of us closer to home.

'With climate warming, the future is in the air'.

Key West. Hurricane force wind making landfall with black 4 wheel drive prickup truck driving along flooded windswept road.  With orange safety cone in the back.

Victim's Surviving

Our fundraising is coming into focus. To help expand what FEMA calls, the "whole community" approach.

To backstop a community's funding for such things as the out-of-pocket costs of deploying citizen volunteers assisting in the disaster relief effort early on. By focusing on the citizen volunteer footprint, there will be more bodies to lend direct help in the early search, rescue, and critical response stages of relief operations. For qualified volunteers to be on call to back up the public service where prudent.

Funding a deployed volunteer responder's out-of-pocket costs is a good place to start. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it helps encourage signup.

Like most climate actions, consider this a movement. Our collective actions, yours, the volunteers, and ours will reduce death and suffering. Local community and regional emergency services will be grateful for the assist.


Our request for you is simple:

To help us. Help them. To help others. Survive.

Please signal your support for a "whole community" approach with a small donation. This will allow us all to make a difference.

Ascent logo - all white with transparent background.

Ascent has decades of engagement within the international safety community, informing our reach.

A 'bespoke' provisioner - a decades-long community-minded collaborator in emergency preparedness and response.

(* be-spoke . . . for a particular use or user)

Working together. Hand reaching out toward rising sun.

By What Measure

Ascent is 30+ years in the making as a cause marketer. Having established collaborative working partnerships with national, state/provincial and community organizations early. Over many field trips, committees, and
conferences later. The cornerstones of Ascent's 'Special Ed' safety initiatives.

Our success as an emergency equipment provisioner has ties to our community outreach activities.

A measure of this is in the structure of our community outreach. The testimonials section brings this into focus.

Community Collaboration

We are grateful to collaborate with established grass-roots resource partners. To help deliver on our promise, to deliver on its potential. Those serving others at home and across the globe.

Mission-informed women and men whose job and vocation it is to help those in need. To assist us to direct donor relief funds and equipment to where it will count the most.

Of course, our thoughts stray to those collaborators that came before:

To Sue in Sarnia; John, Tony & Richard in Washington, DC; Julie & Dave in Annapolis; John in Barrie; Goose in London; Glyn in Melbourne; Cindy in Vancouver; Shelly, Paul, Alan & Richard in Tallahassee; Caroline in Ottawa; Mary, Susan, & Gordon in Toronto; Brian & Barry in Victoria; Sandy in Oberlin; Monique in New Westminster; and so on . . .

When paddling upstream, it is best to pull together!

Family in the shadows. A safe distance away. Peering out over uncontrolled wildfire.

A Clear Vision

We are a little different. We seek to contribute beyond the flow of
mainstream support. To fund through global donor contributions, a "whole community" rapid response effort.

To reach those in need through the deployment of alternate emergency funding. For the myriad of life-threatening challenges early on, as nature's disasters unfold.

Through the support of a "whole community" approach, we help look after the citizen volunteer. Those willing and able to assist the professionals in their work to save lives. In turn, providing relief to individuals and families caught in the breach.

Whatever the reason, we look to aid those with little to no time to wait for help from big government and other relief agencies coming from away.


We are marshalling small-dollar gifting for select emergency equipment deployment into regions affected. This is 'Donor Gifting.'

Pay It Forward

Choosing to give through our 'Global Funds' take a bit broader approach. Flexible enough to move in time with what's surely coming next!

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Global Fund


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