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Incoming severe weather storms over harbour city.

All's Well

Our aim is to reduce suffering and loss of life. By

stregthening ill-equipped front-line SAR disaster response operations.

At first, to equip citizen volunteer rescuers with state-of-the-art

SAR signalling equipment 

that'll work even when the power is out.

For Safety's Sake initiative logo

"With global warming, natural disasters, and war,

our future is in the air"

Key West. Hurricane force wind making landfall with black 4 wheel drive prickup truck driving along flooded windswept road.  With orange safety cone in the back.

By what measure

Prepared, we aleady have a sizable stockpile of the very best SAR emergency signalling equipment in our inventory. Ready to drop-ship as donor funding cover costs.

To help, follow the link below.

Our request is simple:

Donate one or more to the cause . . . while, if you wish, one or more for yourself and family as well.

Working Together
For Safety's Sake

Ascent logo - all white with transparent background.

Ascent is a 30 year SAR provisioner and cause-marketer.

Over many field trips, committees, and conferences. We have established life-preserving collaborative relationships with national, state/provincial and community organizations. The cornerstones of Ascent's 'Special Ed' safety initiatives.

Our community outreach activities directly corelate to our success as an emergency equipment provisioner and marketer for a cause.

Look to our testimonials section to bring this into focus.

Community Collaboration

We are grateful to have collaborated with grass-roots resource partners and look forward to more. To help deliver on our promise, to deliver on its potential. Those serving others at home and across the globe.

By job and or vocation. These are mission-dedicated women and men who help those in need.

In this effort, we'll ask they assist us to direct select equipment-aid to disaster response operations in their community across the globe.

Of course our thoughts stray to those collaborators that came before:

To Sue in Sarnia; John, Tony & Richard in Washington, DC; Julie & Dave in Annapolis; John in Barrie; Goose in London; Glyn in Melbourne; Cindy in Vancouver; Shelly, Paul, Alan & Richard in Tallahassee; Caroline in Ottawa; Mary, Susan, & Gordon in Toronto; Brian & Barry in Victoria; Sandy in Oberlin; Monique in New Westminster; and so on . . .

When paddling upstream, it is best to pull together!


We are marshalling small-dollar gifting for select emergency equipment deployment into regions affected. This is 'Donor Gifting.'

Pay It Forward

Choosing to give through our 'Global Fund' takes a bit broader approach. Flexible enough to move in time with what's surely coming next!

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Global Aid


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