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Pea-less 'Classic' safety whistle - 3 PACK

Loud, clear, crisp, omnidirectional, & penetrating are descriptors for the high pitch 115dB pea-less 'Classic' whistle, by Fox40. The choice of must-be-heard 'whistleblowers’ worldwide for both safety & sports. 

The authentic 'Classic' is one of two original 3-chamber ‘Pea-less’ sports whistles developed by Fortron Inc. (Fort, for Joe Forte - Ron, for Ronald Foxcroft) under the Fox40 brand name (Fox, for Foxcroft - 40, for Forte.) The patent was filed in 1987. 

The 'Classic' was designed for use by professional sports officials (referees) to be heard above the din of ambient noises. The 'Mini' is the other. The lower tone 2-chamber 'Pearl' arrived to market in 1995.

** The very same no-moving parts whistle design for pro-sports has since proven superior, with outdoor/waterborne survival specialists and recreational enthusiasts as a premier safety whistle. This is where Ascent came in to help develop the safety market with Fortron. Since 1989, Ascent has marketed and sold the 'Classic,' the 'Mini,' and the 'Pearl' (1995) pea-less whistles.

Self-clearing multi-chamber flow-through signalling device designed to be heard, located, and not fail. Canadian made in ABS plastic.

'WET OR DRY,' multi-use!

SPECIFICATIONS: 115 dB piercing - high pitch ~ pea less - no moving parts ~ omnidirectional output ~ wet or dry - waterproof ~ 3 chambers - standard.

RECOMMENDATIONS: for personal safety ~ for emergencies - search & rescue ~ for outdoors - hiking, climbing ~ for organized sports - refereeing, coaching ~ for animal training.


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