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nutritious, yet scrumptiously delicious

Ascent's own, 4 nut granola crunch

'Nutty for You'

Low in carbs - no added sugar, no grains, gluten free. Rich in protein and YES, healthy fat!

A balanced, nourished life . . .

Have you, like us, said good-bye to the days of sugar laden carb heavy meals, treats, bevies and more? Perhaps not you but a family member? For us, 'no added sugar low-carb' came into focus from our family doc with concerns about elevated blood sugar leading to prediabetes.

So began our transformational way of eating along with the practice of supporting 'like-minded' craft-producers from across this land. Artisans whose nutritious yet delicious creations are often not yet available much beyond their local market.

Would you happen to know of a regional artisan producer you would like to share to support? Please send a note if you do!  ascent@ascentProvisions.com

Aptly named, 'Nutty For You' (NFY for short,) Ascent's own small batch 4-nut (almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts) granola crunch fits perfectly into this way of eating.

Our nutty treat is loaded with protein and YES, healthy fat. It's low in carbs (2.8 net per serving) with no added sugar, no grains,
and gluten free. It's for the health conscious and, not just for those chasing their blood glucose levels.

* Roasted in small-batches by design, NFY is currently limited to pre-order ‘market-fresh’ home delivery.

** Ideal for your daily plan and/or emergency 'go-bag.'

craft produced

low carb ~ no added sugar

no grains ~ gluten free

nuts and weight gain? say it ain't so!

Yes, nuts are energy-dense foods and yes, they are naturally high in fat. Predominantly healthy fats!

When eaten on balance with a healthy lifestyle and recommended daily values, study after study have found nuts are unlikely to lead to weight gain and have many other additional benefits for our health, to boot.

nutritious, yet scrumptiously delicious

market-fresh, home delivery

'Nutty For You' granola

for your daily meal plan, and 'go bag'


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