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'Heat Dome, June/July 2021—Canada & USA'

Natural Disaster Response series: 

'Heat Dome, June/July 2021—Canada & USA'

The first of two severe weather events over this vast region was a multi-day outdoor extreme heat anomaly in early summer, 2021, aptly called a "Heat-Dome." 

A record-shattering climate event that exceeded historic high temperatures, at 49.6°C or 121.28°F. Unrelenting searing heat, wherein 619 souls perished in British Columbia alone. Of course, wildfires thrive in high heat, with hundreds igniting across southern British Columbia over 8,700 square kilometres as a result.

One short year ago, the devastation was unimaginable. For example, the village of 250 souls along the banks of the mighty Fraser River, Lytton, BC, was levelled by heat-induced wildfires. No longer a distant headline. More like an "inescapable truth" to affected Canadians at large.

This is not to say that climate-induced wildfires have not been a growing problem in the North American West for decades now, as elsewhere. With crowdfunding to support local volunteers and disaster relief at the forefront.

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At the time of this reporting:

By July 19, 2022, historic heat records shattered in a dozen countries on four continents. In the UK, reaching 40°C or, 104°F - which is 30°F above normal.

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