'When we are all first responders' . . . a local "whole community" approach.

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Tackling the Human Toll of Natural Disasters

Bright orange and white, search and rescue vehicle.
Bright orange and white, search and rescue vehicle.

In preparation for a potential widespread natural disaster strike, recruiting active, qualified, local community volunteers to be on standby is crucial for communities with or without financial means to park money for these sorts of know unknowns.

No truer than for potentially vulnerable communities to be prepared for the worst. To not wait on nature, but have a procured volunteers list together just in case.

Pre-planning adds structured knock-on effects. (1) Within an existing volunteer structure, event commanders will know better how to use them if the time comes. (2) When the time comes, the established structure will guide spontaneous volunteers to situation coordinators.

You will find us at ascentprovisions.org to learn about our solutions, this outreach, and us. There is also this series of blog posts for more.

Selfless, courageous, resilient, skilled, spontaneous, are all descriptors we use for local, community volunteers, who sign up to help tackle the human toll of widespread natural disasters at home. 

They are fellow citizens that give of themselves to backup emergency disaster response operations when overwhelmed and in need of help.

This post is all about them. 

These are disasters, after all. Where emergency response operations have far less to work with over much wider areas. When early on, first responders can be overwhelmed by the magnitude and severity of Mother Nature's wrath. 

This is when, because of the sheer magnitude of the event and the volume of calls, overwhelmed front-line service providers can use help to effect rescues, deliver medicines, staff triage, and so forth.

The weakness caused by evolving devastation cries out for emergency services to have contingencies in place. Such as an up-to-date go-to list of active volunteers to assist first responders where needed. 

No truer than when emergency operations break down. When first-response evacuation, search, rescue, and critical response resources are overcome by the event they are tackling. Before government, institutional, and other relief can arrive from away.   

The systematic recruitment of local 'active' volunteers to prepare for a widespread natural disaster is crucial. What the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) callsa "whole community" response. The evacuation, search, rescue, and critical recovery phase of disaster relief operations is the most critical period to cover. Often before big government can get there.

Widespread natural disasters are increasing in regularity and severity. It is of little surprise when rescuers need rescuing. Mother Nature gives no quarter to emergency services personnel over any other.

The good news. The willing and able no longer ask . . . why is this happening? But what can I do to help? Here are my resources . . . this is my skill set.

Mother Nature's Hat Trick. Massive Property Damage, Human Suffering, and Death. Early onset Climate & Natural Disaster Relief for overwhelmed first responders needing help. Small-Dollars-Raised. Donate Now!

The second of two severe climate induced weather events. Multi-day, natural disaster level 'weather' shattered rainfall flood levels in Southern B.C. and the Pacific North West.

What meteorologists call an "Atmospheric River.”

The 1st of 2 severe climate induced weather events. Multi-day, natural disaster level heat shattered world records in Southern B.C. and the Pacific North West.

Donor Gifting - One 3 Pack at a time - Donate One, or more

In a crisis, wherever that may be. Carrying a reliable high-pitch whistle to sound your location or alert others can be crucial.

To be prepared for the unexpected. For example, separation from family.

This is where donor-gifting of our reliable whistles comes into play. For there are many emergency scenarios to consider.

Small-dollar donations. Paying it forward a few dollars at a time.

hi-tech emergency safety whistles pictured with prominent safety organizations logos embossed on them.
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